What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. For customers looking to host websites on VPS servers, this type of hosting often provides greater resources to customers compared to shared hosting. This type of service also has the potential to enhance the performance, security, and reliability of a website. For these reasons, VPSes are sometimes preferred by businesses over shared hosting equivalents, and they are far more cost-effective than dedicated servers.

Trunkspace Hosting offers reliable and affordable VPS hosting. Our VPSes run on the latest Intel-based hardware, all with a minimum of 12-cores and at least 48 GB RAM. We do not oversell our servers, ensuring optimal performance across our server fleet. Our VPS servers use redundant power supplies and RAID-based storage arrays, ensuring minimal downtime. We offer both OpenVZ and KVM virtualization at the same price points, allowing customers to choose between the two virtualization technologies based on their requirements.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Some of the most important benefits offered by VPS hosting are as follows:

Improved Reliability

Virtual Private Servers are independent from the other virtual servers sharing the same physical hardware, and do not share resources in the same way as shared hosting. Due to greater access to resources and less load on the server, VPS hosting improves the reliability significantly.

Enhanced Performance

Virtual Private Servers often dedicate more resources to the clients compared to shared hosting. This results in far better performance, leading the websites loading quickly, and therefore an improved end-user experience. This also helps improve SEO rankings, and the engagement with potential customers.

Greater Server Control

Virtual Private Servers provide users with complete root access to the server. This gives the user total control over the server environment, allowing them to make modifications according to their needs. Users can install custom software packages without waiting for their hosting provider to do this on their behalf.

Flexibility in Choosing Operating System

There is little or no flexibility in choice of operating system on shared hosting, as everyone typically is forced to use the same. You are also limited in the type of software that can be used, as some software and apps can be resource intensive, causing conflicts with other applications. On Virtual Private Servers, users can choose the operating system, from the many offered, which best suits them.


Our VPS service comes with 24×7 technical support. In case of any issues with the infrastructure, our technical team will be on the case immediately to resolve it.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting vs. VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common hosting type. It is ideal for basic websites, and the most cost-effective hosting type. In shared hosting however, customers are sharing CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth with other clients, with little to no control over the machine where their site is being hosted. When there are issues with shared hosting, you are at the mercy of the hosting provider for these issues to be resolved.

Dedicated hosting provides users with their own dedicated machines. This type of hosting is reliable, fast, and secure, as the clients have full access to the all of the server resources; this leads to excellent performance, but this of course all comes at a cost. It is best suited for large businesses and e-commerce websites.

VPS hosting provide users with a good amount of control and flexibility of the hosting environment. This type of hosting is ideal for smaller companies who will look to scale their needs as their company and their requirements grow; it is far more affordable than dedicated servers, and it provides more security and reliability compared to shared hosting.

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