Voice services

The Most Popular Voice Chat Services for Gamers

The most popular voice chat services for gamers are:

  1. Teamspeak: offered by a company that is solely focused on voice communication, with an offering that provides an extremely low latency, high-quality solution for gamers that has stood the test of time; as one of the oldest services out there, despite cheaper offerings that have since been released, this is one that has simply refused to go away. Advantages include very low latency, customization (skin) options and server hosting capabilities. Disadvantages include a steeper learning curve and less user-friendly interface compared to some other services.
  2. Discord: has developed a large user base over the past few years, a user-friendly interface, and supports both voice and text communication. Advantages include its cross-platform support, customizable servers, and extensive integrations with other services. Disadvantages include its reliance on internet connection and a potential for trolls or negativity in public servers, and a growing concern from users that discussions are being tracked & data (personal information as well as information gathered during actual conversations) is being quietly sold to third-parties.
  3. Mumble: offers low latency voice communication and is open-source, allowing for customization. Advantages include its focus on voice communication and its relatively low system requirements. Disadvantages include a less user-friendly interface and limited server options.
  4. Ventrilo: offers low latency voice communication and supports multiple server options. Advantages include its compatibility with a wide range of games and its server administration options. Disadvantages include a limited user base and a less user-friendly interface compared to other services.
  5. Skype: a widely used communication platform that supports voice, video and text communication.
  6. Slack: a team communication tool that includes voice and video calling features.
  7. Zoom: a popular video conferencing platform that can be used for voice calls as well.
  8. Google Meet: a video conferencing platform from Google, that also supports voice calls.
  9. Houseparty: a social media platform that allows for group video and voice chats.
  10. Clubhouse: a new social audio app for real-time conversations.
  11. Twitch: a live streaming platform that includes voice chat options for viewers and streamers.
  12. Curse Voice: a communication platform specifically designed for gamers with a focus on low latency voice chat.

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