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How does "Clan Pay" work?

We offer "Clan Pay", allowing your team / clan members to help make a contribution to the invoice for your team's voice chat server, so no one person is responsible for paying the whole bill themselves.


The way it works is:

1- A user signs up for the service, signing up for the desired billing period and number of slots.

Note: If you are signing up with us and want your very first invoice to be paid with the help of your clan/guild, follow the normal sign-up process, select "PayPal" as your payment method, but do not complete payment. Then, continue to step 2 below.

2- The user must then login to his/her billing account (https://www.trunkspacehosting.com/billing/clientarea.php).

3- Once logged in, in the "Billing" box, the user will see "Clan Pay" with a "Link" to the right.

4- Once the user clicks on "Link", he/she will see "Your Clan Pay Link" listed (i.e. http://www.trunkspacehosting.com/billing/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=xxxxxxxxxxxx).

Note: On the Clan Pay screen, you also have the ability to customize the "Display Name" that people see when submitting a payment, allowing you to maintain full anonimity and not have people knowing your real name. In order to do this, you can optionally change the "Display Name" here.

5- From there, the user can copy this “Clan Pay Link”, and provide it to his/her clan member(s).

6- When a clan member accesses the link, he/she will see a "Payment Amount" box (Note: We currently accept PayPal and Cryptocurrency as payment methods for Clan Pay payments). The amount entered must be greater than or equal to $3.00USD.

7- Once the clan member enters the amount and clicks the appropriate checkout button (i.e. "PayPal Check out" for PayPal), he/she will be re-directed to submit payment.

8- Once the payment goes through, the user’s TrunkspaceHosting.com billing account will show the payment as a “credit” to the account.

9- Now, when the user tries to pay the invoice, the amount that was deposited by the clan member can be applied to the invoice to reduce the total invoice amount.


Please contact us with any questions!

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