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 How does "Clan Pay" work?

We now offer "Clan Pay", allowing your team / clan members to help make a contribution to the invoice for your team's voice chat server, so no one person is responsible for paying the whole bill themselves.   The way it works is: 1- A...

 How do I get a new administrator token / privilege key?

We often get asked by our clients (who have either formatted their computers or are accessing their Teamspeak service from another machine) on whether a new administrator token / privilege key can be generated. The Control Panel that we...

 Once purchased and paid, how long does it take before my new web-hosting, voice server, game server or VPS service is active?

We have worked very hard to ensure that you get up and running with your web-hosting, voice server, game server & VPS services as soon as possible. In keeping with this, we have fully automated the entire sign-up process; from the...

 How do I modify my Teamspeak 3 permissions and groups?

  The Teamspeak 3 permission system is a very versatile and feature-rich system that determines which users are allowed to do which actions. This system consists of groups that are assigned to sets of permissions. This can be used...

 Do you offer some kind of Control Panel for easy management of my website? Can I see it?

Not only do we offer a Control Panel to our users, but we offer what we believe to be the very best control panel in the industry, InterWorx. InterWorx is attractive, easy to use, and takes very little system resources. This results in...