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Can I add TeamSpeak slots to my server myself?

We often get asked by our clients to have Teamspeak slots added to their existing servers. In the past, this was a manual process that required that a quote be sent by our billing department, the quote to be accepted by the client, and then an invoice be generated in our system and finally paid by the client. We have now automated this process so that our clients can follow these easy steps:

1- Login to Trunkspace Client Area.
2- Once logged in, click the "Services" drop-down and select "My Services".
3- Click "View Details" on the Teamspeak service to be upgraded.
4- Click "Management Actions" tab and choose "Upgrade/Downgrade Options" from the menu.
5- In "New Configuration", select the number of desired slots, select the method of payment, and click "Continue".

The upgrade price for the remaining billing period will be shown, a notification will get sent and an invoice automatically generated. Once the invoice is paid, the upgrade to the desired number of slots will automatically get completed, with no Trunkspace Hosting staff intervention required.

Please open a support ticket if you have any questions.

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