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How do I get a new administrator token / privilege key?

We often get asked by our clients (who have either formatted their computers or are accessing their Teamspeak service from another machine) on whether a new administrator token / privilege key can be generated. The Control Panel that we offer (TCAdmin) allows you to do this yourself. Please follow the easy steps below to have your server permissions reset back to default and a new administrator token generated. Before doing this however, if you are unsure about what resetting your server permissions means, please make sure to first take a snapshot of your Teamspeak server to avoid losing your existing server settings that you may have spent a lot of time configuring.

Here are the steps to reset the permissions and get a new privilege key/admin token generated:

1- Access the TCAdmin Control Panel (

2- Click on "Voice Services" on the left side (Under "Game & Voice Management"

3- Click on the "Actions" tab

4- Select "Reset Permissions" (Restores the default permission settings and creates a new initial administrator token.)

If you absolutely do not want to lose your existing server permissions, or if you have any questions on the procedure above, please open a support ticket.

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