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How do I create spacer channels in TeamSpeak 3?

Regular Spacer Channels

Right-click on the "Server Name" in the Teamspeak client and choose "Create Spacer"

Then use format "[?Spacer#]Text". Where "?" can be an alignment (r = right, c = center, l = left).

You can also note the five special spacers:

DOTLINE: "..."
DASHDOTLINE: "-.-"???????

Change "#" to get an unique channel name, the value doesn't matter. Example: [cSpacer0]mytext will give centered text, while [rSpacer1]mytext will give right-aligned text.

Repeating Spacer Channels

If "*" is used in the [?Spacer#] area then, all characters after the spacer-tag will be repeated until the whole line is filled. Example:?[*spacer0]#==

"Blank" Spacer Channels

To have a spacer appear blank simply input this: [rSpacer0]. You are inputing a period that will be flushed all the way to the right. This will make the spacer appear empty.

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