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 Comment est-ce que je peux ajouter des slots Teamspeak à mon serveur moi-même?

Nous sommes souvent demandé par nos clients comment ajoutée des slots à leurs serveurs existants. Dans le passé, il s'agissait d'un processus manuel qui exigeait qu'un devis envoyé par notre service de facturation, la citation à être...

 How does "Clan Pay" work?

We offer "Clan Pay", allowing your team / clan members to help make a contribution to the invoice for your team's voice chat server, so no one person is responsible for paying the whole bill themselves.   The way it works is: 1- A...

 Once purchased and paid, how long does it take before my new domain name is active?

The time it takes for your new domain to be active can vary.   After registering our DNS servers with your domain registrar (assuming the domain was bought elsewhere), it could take as long as 48 hours for the DNS records to propagate...

 How do I create or restore a snapshot of my TeamSpeak 3 server?

In order to create or restore a snapshot of your TeamSpeak 3 server, login to your TeamSpeak 3 control panel and do the following: 1- Click "Game & Voice Management". 2- Click "Voice Services". 3- Under "Actions", click "Create...

 I just signed up. Why does my TeamSpeak server's TSDNS show "Pending" in the Client Area?

We have been asked by a few of our clients who just completed the sign-up process for a TeamSpeak server why the "TSDNS" entry in their Client Area shows "Pending". Because a custom domain or subdomain requires DNS entries to become...