Dedicated Servers

with rapid deployment technology

Intel-only based hardware solutions

We trust only the best, so all of our Dedicated Server solutions run on Intel-based hardware with at least 4 physical cores and 8 GB of RAM. 

Quick setup time

With our rapid deployment technology, your service will be provisioned and put online within hours of the completion of your online payment.

Hosted across multiple US-based locations

We offer our Dedicated Server solutions across 3 areas of the United States that you can choose from: Los Angeles (California), New York City Metro (New York) and Miami (Florida), at no additional cost.


Will I have root/administrator access to my Dedicated Server?

Yes, full root/administrator access is provided in the Welcome email that is received upon successful provisioning of a Dedicated Server.

What kind of connection will my dedicated server have to the Internet?

Every dedicated server that we offer comes attached to a dedicated 1 Gbps port.

Do you offer any DDoS protection?

All of our Dedicated Server include free DDoS protection from attacks up to 20 Gbps. Our network instantly mitigates malicious attacks, so that only clean traffic is sent to the server. We use in-house filtering for no added latency, and ensure that regular traffic is unaffected. 

What type of network are your servers hosted on?

We have an extremely low latency network with superior connectivity, with a 1000+ Gbps internet connected backbone providing fast load times and no growth limitations. Our network has multiple 10 Gbps uplinks per switch, with peering of only premium upstream providers and a 100% network uptime SLA.

How much bandwidth is include with each dedicated server, and how is it metered?

Each server includes unlimited bandwidth. When connected to the dedicated 1 Gbps port on each server, that gives you the ability to use up 10TB of total bandwidth at full speed.

What software can I install on my dedicated server?

With root/admin access, you can potentially install any software on your dedicated server, without any limitation (as long as you possess a valid license for the software being installed).