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Take back control of the internet in just a few seconds, whether you’re on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or if you want every device in your household to get access by connecting your VPN service directly to your router. Simply download the application for your platform, and connect with the provided credentials!


Confidentiality has never been so fast, or easy

We take our users’ privacy incredibly seriously. For this reason, our commitment to you is not to log any of your personal information when you connect online with our service. This includes IP addresses, connection timestamps, disconnect timestamps, bandwidth consumption and DNS requests. You can truly surf or browse anonymously!


Customized Application

We offer a powerful, intuitive application that lets you make the most out of your online surfing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer our VPN service out of 49 countries (with this number growing on a regular basis). Our VPN server locations have been chosen both for redundancy purposes and to ensure low ping times no matter where you are located. You will therefore always have access to fast servers that are located physically close to where you are.

A VPN is a technology that allows for the creation of a secure ‘tunnel’ between devices. Our service allows you to create a VPN tunnel with a single-click. Once connected, you are instantly protected from any prying eyes!

Many countries have employed internet censorship or filtering. Mainland China, for example, has a massive list (over 10,000) websites that are blocked, preventing their population from accessing these websites from within the walls of their country. By using our VPN service, you can bypass this censorship and have the full freedom of viewing unrestricted content.

When looking up VPN providers, and there are many, one of the things you need to pay close attention to is the cipher strength that is offered by the service. Cipher strength has a significant effect on the speed you obtain, so you should have the ability to choose the encryption cipher; we give you that option, from 64-bit encryption all the way up to AES-256, providing you with a choice on security vs. speed.

We provide our own installer applications for WindowsLinux (64-bit) and MacOSX, while our service offering allows for the use of the open source OpenVPN application for both iOS and Android.

No, you definitely do not have to use our applications. We provide you with OpenVPN keys and configuration files, which can be generated from your Client Services Portal. We also officially support DD-WRT, Tomato and ASUS routers with custom firmware installed, along with NAS such as Synology, Open-WRT, and Raspberry PI devices.

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7 day money-back-guarantee